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Wuyi Rougui

Growing stout and hearty beneath karst rock peaks in Wuyishan’s National Scenic Park, the roots of our Rougui tea bushes dig deep into the cracked rock beneath, drawing up concentrated minerality into every leaf.

 Wuyi Rock tea is sometimes referred to as five baking tea. The name derives from hand baking or roasting the tea in baskets over wood charcoal several times to achieve a deep warm roasted flavor. Visiting the roasting room while they are baking this tea - as we have - is aromatic heaven to be sure.

 Rougui, Chinese for cinnamon, is so named for the raw cinnamon spice notes that are released in steeping. This Rougui is robust, has a soft warm roast, and a distinctive character. Notes of raw cinnamon, roast, mineral earth, and a hint of caramelized sugar

Tian Xing Village, Wuyishan (National Scenic Park), Fujian, China