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Pu-erh Selections

Sample five of our most exquisite and popular pu-erh teas in this uncommon gift box set! The perfect offering for that discriminating pu-erh tea lover on your holiday gift list, or, to just treat yourself to something you’ve not tried yet. Either way you win! The set includes 2 samples of each variety: Ancient Sweetheart (sheng·raw pu-erh tea), Bing Dao (sheng·raw pu-erh tea), Ma Hei·Yiwu·2008 (sheng·raw pu-erh tea), Meng Ku Gushu·2015 (aged·ripe·shou pu-erh tea), and Banzhang·2008 (aged·ripe·shou pu-erh tea). The set also includes descriptions and directions on how to brew each tea!