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Gaiwan in Blanc de Chine

 A highly refined, Dehua gaiwan in a thicker, translucent ivory porcelain. Dehua (doe-hwaa) in Fujian province has been famous for creating translucent ivory porcelain since the Ming dynasty. Known as “Blanc de Chine” in Europe, it is instantly recognizable for its translucent milky-glass appearance. The secret is in the clay that contains a very small amount of iron oxide (much less than its rival in Jingdezhen) and makes possible firing in an oxidizing atmosphere which creates a translucent ivory hue.  Although elegant and refined in every detail, don’t be fooled, you can deftly steep your most exquisite tea with this capable vessel. Ensemble includes lid, bowl, and saucer.

This gaiwan is glazed inside and out for use with any type of tea.

Approx. size: 80mm high, 85mm diameter, 150ml.