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Meng Ding Gan Lu · High Mountain

Light fur covers the twisted leaves of our high mountain Meng Ding Gan Lu (translated sweet dew mountain) which is plucked in early spring at about 1000 -1200 meters up Meng Ding Shan. Ancient Chinese historic texts indicate this tea was already being cultivated by Daoist monks at Gan Lu Si temple during the Han dynasty (circa 50 BC). Only temples like Gan Lu Si had the manpower and organization at this early date to cultivate and work gardens to produce fine tea. Meng Ding Shan could be the historic origin of all green tea. Emperor’s records mention Meng Ding Gan Lu in 813 AD as a tribute tea along with 40 others. Pronounced spring green notes, melon rind, hint of roasted nuts, and a sweet finish. An excellent choice for cold brewing.

Meng Ding Mountain, Ming Shan district, Sichuan, China