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Bi Luo Chun

The earliest official records of Bi Luo Chun date to the late 1690’s (Qing dynasty). Legend has it that Emperor Kang Xi was on a spring trip south visiting Suzhou and the Taihu Lake area where he was longing for a special local tea. He was presented with a cha called “scary good fragrance.” Kang Xi was very pleased, but renamed it Bi Luo Chun (meaning: Exquisite Jade Green Spring Snail) for it’s rolled furry spiral appearance. Our Bi Luo Chun grows above 300 meters on the Dongting Mountains in the Taihu Lake scenic area among flowering fruit trees. Notes of freshest aromatic spring, floral, slightly fruity, with a sweet dew finish.

Dongting Mountains, Souzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.