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Snow Jasmine

The rich, silvery leaves of this high-grade Meng Ding Gan Lu green tea from Sichuan are reminiscent of snow when harvested. Scented generously at least five times, this tea has been richly imbued with an ethereal, natural jasmine perfume. Meng Ding Gan Lu is crafted in early spring and then stored in a cool place until it can be married with Jasmine which blooms in June. Piles of tea are delicately mingled with jasmine blossoms at nightfall when the flowers open and release their fragrance. The mingle is left overnight to perfume until first light. The piles are then aerated to remove excess heat and left again until late morning before separating tea and blossoms. Spent flowers are discarded and the tea is left to cool and dry for several days before the process is repeated again. Notes of jasmine bouquet, spring meadow, and a sweet finish

Tea - Meng Ding Shan, Sichuan province, China

Flowers - Heng Xiang, Guangxi province, China